Why use Home Care Direct

Quality Care

Because Carers/Personal Assistants work for themselves, they are much more motivated than Carers/Personal Assistants who work with an agency. They know that they need to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their clients get the best possible service.

Our platform also attracts carers/Personal Assistants who are naturally proactive and who see caring as their career rather than as a filler between other jobs. At Home Care Direct we feel that empowering Carers/Personal Assistants is the best way to drive quality care provision.

Value for Money

Because you are avoiding the overhead costs of an agency and dealing directly with Carers/Personal Assistants, you are getting much better value for money. In some cases up to 40% better value! However, not alone are you getting better value but your Carer/Personal Assistant is also much better rewarded than they would be if working through an agency. Home Care Direct is a win/win situation for everyone involved.

Peace of Mind

The platform offers real peace of mind for concerned family members by giving them real time information on when Carers/Personal Assistants have arrived and left as well as offering them real time updates through digital journal notes that Carers/Personal Assistants fill in after each visit. Before any Carer/Personal Assistant is allowed onto the platform, they are rigorously vetted and interviewed personally by us. Payments are also securely handled through the site as well as insurance for Carers/Personal Assistants. Home Care Direct has a relentless focus on quality empowering both families and Carers/Personal Assistants to ensure the best quality home care.

Easy Set Up & Ease of Use

To register on Home Care Direct and start using our platform it takes just 5 minutes. Home Care Direct puts the latest technology at your disposal taking the mystery and hassle out of managing your care or the care of a loved one. Our website and downloadable apps are configured for even the most technology adverse person.

Bricks & Mortar Backup

Home Care Direct has grown out of Home Care Plus, one of the most quality driven home care providers in Ireland. This means that when you interact with our platform you can rest assured that there is a physical backup behind the technology, able to provide the extra support when needed.

Great Choice of Carers/Personal Assistants

Home Care Direct has a great selection of Carers/Personal Assistants giving you real choice over who delivers your care. A very small percentage of the Carers/Personal Assistants we interview actually get accepted onto the platform. In addition because of the fact that Carers/Personal Assistants are running their own business, we attract Carers/Personal Assistants who are very motivated, proactive and who have chosen caring as their career - people who see caring as their vocation.