Meet the Team

Michael Harty

Michael initially became interested in home care after his mother had been diagnosed with Lewy Bodies Dementia. When she passed away Michael decided to set up his own home care company which has become one of Ireland’s premier home care providers.

Michael realised however there were limitations and downsides to the agency model in home care and because of this he decided to set up Home Care Direct to improve how home care is provided and also to ensure better value for money using technology.

Michael believes in empowering people to ensure they reach their potential. He also firmly believes he should be a better golf player. He is married to Elmagh and has two growing kids, Patrick and Sofia.

Julian Douglas

Julian's expertise is in the areas of online business consultancy, corporate management strategy, technology, online development and digital marketing. He has worked with many organisations from start-ups to multi-nationals.

He has recently launched a new digital strategy and knowledge company called Bright Way Up to help companies develop winning digital strategies, increase revenues and understand how their operations are performing and achieving online.

He founded in 1998 and as Managing Director brought it from zero to being the most popular online entertainment platform in Ireland, winning many awards and delivering well over a million unique viewers every month.

He also started Fusio in 1996 which continues one of the most successful and most well respected online development agencies in Ireland.